(Takeaway only available at Hickory's Wall Heath)

Curbside Menu

12 x BBQ Chicken Wings

We’ve done the smokin’ so all you need to do is crisp ‘em up in the oven & add your sauce.

Homemade Barbecue £7.50
Sticky Tennessee Bourbon Glaze £7.50
Louisiana Hot £7.50

Memphis Ribs

Succulent baby back ribs rubbed with magic dust & smoked to perfection! Re-heat, glaze & enjoy! 

Half Rack
Maple Glaze £7.00
Sticky Tennessee Bourbon Glaze £7.00
Full Rack
Maple Glaze £14.00
Sticky Tennessee Bourbon Glaze £14.00

Smoked Chicken Half

Rubbed with magic dust & lovingly smoked to retain all the smoky juiciness once re-heated at home.

Texas Style Brisket

Our pride & joy, smoked low ‘n’ slow for 16 hrs - it will fill your kitchen with the smells of Hickory’s BBQ & fill your heart with BBQ love!

500g £15.00
1kg £30.00

Hickory's Smoked Sausage

Once you tried this extra juicy pork, jalapeño & cheese smoked sausage with our Tennessee Bourbon dip you’ll never look back.


Mac 'n' Cheese

This rich , creamy and irresistibly gooey mac ‘n’ cheese is perfect as a main or a side. 

Suitable for vegetarians.


BBQ Pulled Pork

Smoked for 14hrs, releasing all the juicy goodness & topped with our pit beans - a combo that’s meant to be! 



BBQ Pit Beans £2.00
House Slaw (vegetarian) £2.00
Mac 'n' Cheese (vegetarian) £3.50
Corn On The Cob (vegetarian) £2.50


Deliciously creamy!

Salted Caramel - Sweet salty & scrumptious £4.00
Solero Shake - A totally tropical exotic sunshine shake £4.00
Rich Chocolate - Thick indulgent & super chocolatey! £4.00


Our homemade sodas, bottled up for you to enjoy at home!

Grape Soda £1.50
Mango & Pineapple £1.50

Bottled Cocktails

Each cocktail serves 3 people.

The Game Changer - Bacardi rums, tropical juices & fresh pineapple £15.00
Hickory's Pornstar - Passionfruit, vodka, pineapple juice & prosecco £15.00
Cotton Candy - Gin, Cointreau, apple juice & candy floss £15.00

Bottled Beers

Would it be a barbecue without a crisp, refreshing beer?

Our 'Roadtrip Beers' are a selection of our favourite beers we have found on our southern states road trips: Blue Moon, Miller Genuine Draught, PBR & Dixie.
4x Sol £10.00
4x Roadtrip Beers £10.00

Bottle Of Prosecco

Who said only beer goes well with BBQ?


BBQ Sauce

Add your own bottle of our homemade BBQ sauce to your Hickory's pantry!
A perfect dipping sauce or great smothered on a rack of ribs!
(Only available to pick-up, no shipping available)
Sold out

Homicide Sauce

You have been WARNED!
This is one fiery sauce!
(Only available to pick-up, no shipping available)
Sold out

Hot Sauce

Our very own Hickory's Peri Peri!
Works great in a salad dressing!
(Only available to pick-up, no shipping available)

Magic Dust

Take home the magic!
Perfect rub for steak or chicken & great on fries!
(Only available to pick-up, no shipping available)

Pitmaster Rub

Used by our our Pitmasters and available for you to use at home!
Works amazing on pork & beef and great
 to spice up fish!
(Only available to pick-up, no shipping available)